Blue Sky Evolution Integrates PipelineML into Orbital Product Line

Blue Sky Evolution Integrates PipelineML into Orbital Product Line

Houston, TX – December 7, 2020

Blue Sky Evolution today announced full integration of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) PipelineML international pipeline data interchange standard into its Orbital product suite. The software extension provides functionality to leverage the PipelineML data standard to interchange pipeline survey data between Orbital, field surveyors and other data providers or consumers.

“We expect PipelineML to give our customers the ability to get survey and mapping data into the hands of project stakeholders quickly and easily. We are excited to be an early adopter of PipelineML because we believe it gives us a competitive advantage while providing our clients with a richer set of data management tools.”, Rene Ramirez, Blue Sky Evolution Owner & CEO.

PipelineML was developed over a 5-year period with the help of the (OGC), an organization that develops open geospatial data standards in use by businesses and government agencies around the world. PipelineML is a free, open data interchange standard that empowers pipeline stakeholders to move data between operators and service providers without the need for timely and costly and complex data transformation. This enables the oil and gas industry to streamline the movement of information to keep pace with the increasing demand for putting information into the hands of decision-makers quickly and efficiently.

“Blue Sky Evolution’s adoption of PipelineML provides pipeline operators as well as survey and mapping companies the ability to utilize the powerful capabilities of PipelineML to freely move data between different data providers, software applications, and devices. This will enable Blue Sky’s constituents to save time and money as they utilize modern data management standards like PipelineML to help them keep pace with evolving business requirements”, John Tisdale, Co-chair Open Geospatial Consortium PipelineML Standards Working Group.

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