The PipelineML Validation Service is a free tool you can use to determine whether a PipelineML file is valid. This tool is helpful if you receive a PipelineML file and want to validate it prior to intaking the data it contains. Also, if you are generating a PipelineML file, this tool will help you check that your system or code is generating PipelineML properly. Furthermore, this resource can be useful in helping you understand how PipelineML works.

Here is how the validation service works.

1. First, click this link PipelineML Validation Service

2. Create a user account

3. Upload a PipelineML file (sample files are available here)

4. You will receive a report showing you the results of the validation.

There are two versions of the validation service available. You can use the web interface link above. Alternatively, there is an Application Programming Interface (API) available if you want to build automated PipelineML validation services into your products.