The OGC PipelineML SWG met this week at the Technical Committee meetings in Sydney. The following were the topics on our agenda.

  1. Discuss changes to Prototype 1 scope
  2. Discuss who has reviewed the Prototype 1 schema and sample instance data
    • Questions and answers related to these documents
    • Gather any feedback on suggested changes
  3. Discuss scope and schedule for Prototype 2
  4. Discuss Enterprise Products’ internal efforts working with our pipeline engineering group to vet a list of standardized domain reference codes that are compatible with the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) pipeline standards
    • Any volunteers to submit their reference code lists for review and possible inclusion in these code lists?
    • Open discussion regarding international issues pertaining to reference code list standards.
  5. Discuss use of GML Dictionary standard as a short-term solution for external reference code management until such a time as requirements can be gathered, joint funding raised, a Request for Proposal written, and submitted to service provider candidates for the development of a Web-based Code Type Registry (discussion of instance registry development will be reserved for a future date)
  6. Discuss possible participation in an OGC Interoperability Experiment
    • When is the best time for participation? Now. At end of Prototype 2 development?
  7. Discuss next steps
  8. Volunteer opportunities
  9. Open question and answer

The discussions were positive and the feedback was informative. We reviewed the status of the initiative, answered questions and discussed next steps. There were no votes involved in this meeting. Below is the summary presented at the Closing Plenary:

  1. Discussed successful completion of PipelineML Prototype 1 that included:
    –GML SF-0 (almost-compliant) Application Schema
    –Instance document containing accurate sample data with weld-level detail of connected pipeline components with full attribution
    –Complete documentation
    –Online and static help files to help domain experts understand and speak into the standards initiative
  2. Discussed use of PipelineML for upstream and downstream industry segments in addition to the midstream market
  3. Discussed need for internationalization of standards
  4. Discussed how best to support internationalization of reference code lists with no decisions
  5. Discussed need to support multiple geometry types per feature – 0 dimensional (point) and 1 dimensional (linestring/curve) for backwards compatibility with PODS data storage model
  6. Need to switch order of geometry types so that GIS applications that do not support multiple geometry types and default to choosing last one, will utilize the linestring geometry and not the point geometry
  7. Identified SF-0 compliance issue:
    –User-defined complex type using MaxOccurs=“Unbounded” need modification – will put metadata schema migration into Prototype 2 scope
  8. Began Defining Prototype 2 Scope:
    –Migrate metadata to OGC/ISO metadata schema
    –Bind type data to external domain reference code lists (xml static files) until online type registry can be scoped, funded and developed
    –Create broader variety of sample data packages to demonstrate flexibility of solution (simple, intermediate, complex, etc.)



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