We held an important PipelineML SWG meeting this week. The following were the primary topics on the agenda.

  1. Status Update
    • Ongoing prototyping of PipelineML encoding using nonproprietary sample dataset
    • Undergoing major revisions from lessons learned
    • Only working on core feature class of pipeline components that will comprise the core schema
    • Refining our component elements and attributes
    • Defining our reference data code lists
    • Defining our conceptual model as we learn from prototypes
    • Preparing for major revision in September Orlando TC
    • Working toward an OGC Experiment
  2. International Co-chair Position
    • OGC PipelineML SWG down a co-chair due to Terry Strahan leaving Morris P. Hebert, Inc.
    • Desire to increase international representation within PipelineML SWG
    • Introduce Jan Stuckens from Belgium
    • Jan Stuckens’ background and introduction
    • Vote to add Jan Stuckens as PipelineML SWG co-chair to replace Terry Strahan
  3. Discussion on standardization of international units of measure
  4. Request comments on component elements and attributes inventory
    • Changes necessary to support internationalization?
    • Any missing attribution for existing component list?
  5. Internationalization Issues
    • Is there a valid use case for the interchange of pipeline data across nationalities and languages such that we need to unify translated terminologies using common numeric values?
    • How have other OGC groups handled international encoding?
    • What lessons have been learned about what not to do?
  6. Discussion on reference code list integration and management
    • Store stable reference code lists as enumerations     in schema
    • Store nonstable lists temporarily in schema until more viable approach is developed
    • Oasis Genericode
    • Schematron
    • CSW-ebRIM
    • Custom built online type registry
  7. Questions and Answers
  8. Open Discussion

We introduced Jan Stuckens of Merkator NV/SA in Belgium. OGC staff introduced us to Jan several months ago. After extensive dialogue, it was apparent how closely aligned Jan’s knowledge, skills and philosophies were aligned with those of the SWG. A co-chair seat was vacated when Terry Strahan left his previous company that was a member of the OGC. So, we proposed Jan be elected to this co-chair seat. There were no objections to unanimous consent and Jan was elected as Co-chair of OGC PipelineML SWG.


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