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Why Get Involved in PipelineML?

PipelineML is an initiative to define midstream data interchange standards of the future. Those who are involved in the early stages of the development not only get to speak into the shaping of these standards, they also gain the knowledge needed to become early adopters. This effort will take many years to mature and the involvement of subject matter experts across all disciplines and geographical areas of the world. This is your chance to gain the advantage of early adoption for your company.

Who Should Get Involved in PipelineML?

PipelineML is an open international data interchange standard. It’s goal is to facilitate the broad needs within the oil and gas midstream industry. To accomplish this objective, we need the active participation and collaboration of a diverse group of stakeholders. Subject matter experts across all industry disciplines should participate (design, construction, line lowering, surveying and mapping, operations, integrity, inline inspections, line locating, rehabilitation, public awareness, regulatory compliance, emergency responders, etc.). This includes executives, upper and mid-level management, manufacturing reps, field operations personnel, pipeline integrity engineers, surveyors, consultants, software vendors, GIS specialists, data management specialists, project managers, business analysts, IT personnel, data scientists, service providers, etc.

How to Get Involved in PipelineML?

There are several ways to get involved in the PipelineML data interchange standards development initiative:

  • Website: First, sign up on the email news subscription list to ensure you stay informed of news and developments. Get involved on the site—read the blogs, documents, papers and engage in the online collaborative dialogue. Also, pass along information to colleagues who may be interested in this initiative.
  • Email: Second, send an email to the PipelineML SWG Co-Chairs John Tisdale and Jan Stuckens indicating your interests, contact information and what resources you can bring to the initiative.
  • Interoperability Experiment: Third, we will be conducting Interoperability Experiments (IE) as part of the OGC standards development process. If you wish to learn more about participating in an upcoming Interoperability Experiment, please contact Grace Cardenas. You do not have to be an OGC member to participate.
  • OGC Membership: Fourth, if you want to become involved in the detailed technical aspects of helping develop this standard, you must become a member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (according to the policies and procedures of OGC Standards Working Groups). You can find information on joining here. If you have questions about OGC membership, you may wish to contact some of the OGC staff who are familiar with the work of the PipelineML SWG — Trevor Taylor and Bart De Lathouwer.

News Updates

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PipelineML 2.0 Candidate Conceptual Model

March 6th, 2024|0 Comments

We're excited to share the progress we've made on the PipelineML 2.0 conceptual model!This updated version focuses on improving the clarity and consistency of inheritance relationships within the model. You'll notice in the  UML diagram [...]

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PipelineML 2.0 Status Update

June 14th, 2022|0 Comments

We have been working in the background for several years now preparing for a 2.0 release of PipelineML. The data interchange standard is being used in production environments now and lessons are being learned on a daily basis as to how best to improve its design. We continue collecting this information and using it through iterations of design improvement lifecycles.