Our OGC Technical Committee meeting held on September 21, 2016 in Orlando, FL USA went well. This was the 100th occurrence of the OGC TC meetings. We briefly reviewed decisions made in previous meetings. We discussed our concepts for modularizing our schema and presented a package dependency UML diagram that illustrated our concepts. There was solid agreement on the approach. Jan Stuckens and I presented the most recent version of our conceptual model as a UML class diagram. Jan discussed some of the issues involved in supporting the European INSPIRE initiative. There was some good healthy discussion. Jan also provided an overview of his concept for a units of measure schema that is a hybrid of some existing standards and accepted values with some modifications to address our needs. We discussed how we were working with some of the other OGC working groups to avoid unnecessary overlap in our efforts. We did not have any decisions that required a vote. The following was the meeting agenda:

  1. How We Got Here
  2. Package Dependencies
  3. Conceptual Model Presentation and Discussion
  4. Units Of Measure Schema Presentation and Discussion
  5. Feedback, Questions and Answers
  6. Next Steps


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