Welcome to a new era in pipeline data management. PipelineML is a light-weight data interchange standard that makes it possible for pipeline operators to send and receive information with their service providers in seconds across devices and platforms. Because this standard establishes a universal set of codes and definitions, it ensures that everyone who uses PipelineML is communicating the same concepts using the same language. This design feature enables machine-to-machine communication such that a person does not need to seed files, translate terminologies, map data columns, or backup databases.

PipelineML files are built on the same technology as the web so PipelineML data can be streamed in real-time like a webpage or web service, or they can be shared as a text-based flat file. It also provides a complete set of data validation standards and services so that as information comes in from the field, it can be automatically validated in seconds, before construction or rehab projects are completed and potentially before trenches are covered up and the opportunity to correct data errors is lost. Because PipelineML is built on GML, any software application that can read a GML file (ESRI, AutoCAD, QGIS, etc.) can at least display the geospatial information contained in it. To read and display all the pipeline component attributes that can be placed in a PipelineML package, such software applications must be revised.

Best of all, PipelineML is a free, open-source, international standard designed and built specifically for the pipeline industry.

You are encouraged to provide feedback via email to jtisdale [@] eprod [dot] com (U.S.) and jan [dot] stuckens [@] merkator [dot] com (Europe).


Please note: PipelineML is an ongoing standards development initiative of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). It has not yet completed its first standards proposal nor has it been approved as an OGC standard.

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